The Journey

Welcome to our little journal...last year me "Abdelrahman Kubisi" and my talented friends "Galal mohey", "Ahmed Khaled" and a bunch of other talented guys...decided to start a personal project after Ahmed Khaled's idea about "the untold tales of Sindbad", we sat together, came up with ideas, developed it through time..and finally me and Galal started camping at his place to work on concept art and 3D models.
we came up with some nice results after a couple of months...after that we started looking for other talented guys to help us and contribute to the project...but with time...we became lazy and busy with our daily jobs and we came up with this idea to make this blog as our journal...and post the stuff we're working on to get some feedback and other talents to contribute with us...and this way maybe we can get hyperactive again :D
so...stay tuned folks...we're gonna update every now and then...keep you posted and updated, and remember...we need your feedback and support.

Love <3 ,

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  1. Looking good, Galal. I really like the realism of the art. Are you building your 3D characters in Maya? I'd say keep it up - it's very rich in color, detail and imagination.